Smart Force | Kitchen Cleaning Service
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Kitchen Cleaning Service

Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services in Dhaka

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh



Cleanliness is a key issue of any hospitality business, and maintaining your kitchen clean is especially critical for hygiene. Everybody in hospitality will inform you why it is so crucial to maintain your kitchen dry. a few messes on your business kitchen will grow to be unhappy and unwell clients as the place wherein food is cooked. You want to head beyond the night easy-up to do that and talk approximately scheduling day by day deep cleanups on top of your nightly cleaning.
Smart Force Outsourcing System Ltd in Bangladesh provides industrial kitchen cleaning. Our skilled and masterful cleansing specialists supported companies of all styles and sizes in hospitality. Whether or not you want to take nightly easy-up off your fingers or need deep cleaning each week, month, or region, our group has you protected.


Regular Kitchen Cleaning Services

The workers in the kitchen are operating up to date. every day over hot sup-to-dates, they up to date dish after dish, perfecting their timing and presentation. It’s a difficult job, and without them, there wouldn’t be your hospitality company.
So it’s simply honest up-to-date do whatever you may be updated make their jobs easier! Smart Force Outsourcing System Ltd takes away the stress on the up updated of the day via eliminating the plate from the evening cleaning.
We wash cooking surfaces, wipe away grease and take away waste so that the kitchen workers could be updated the clock in without the more cleansing problem. Our professional kitchen cleaners will leave your kitchen glowing smooth and will come the morning geared up for an entirely new cooking day.
Suitable sanitation and strict adherence to up-to-date cleanliness standards are up-to-date up to date up dated business kitchen cleansing. not all cleaners are on the particular fitness standards inherent in business kitchens–nor do all of them have the cleansing products or up to date essential up-to-date preserve your commercial enterprise kitchen smooth and healthful. Our cleaning staff is skilled from cook up to dates and exhaust lovers up to date sup to date rooms up to date clean every nook of the kitchen.
The cleaners are also spot-checked by means of our professional supervisors updated to make sure that your commercial kitchen now not simplest meets your excessive requirements but also the ones set with the aid of the legal guidelines on food managing. The outcome? A kitchen you could be proud of and cook in without considering micro organism or germs!

Deep Cleaning

You often want a deeper cleaning of your industrial kitchen than scrub off your stoves and kitchen tops. if you need to prevent an awful reputation or compelled closure, day by day pinnacle-to-bottom cleaning is wanted!
Deep cleaning in the kitchen specializes in doing a deeper, greater detailed cleansing process that is wished further to recurring cleansing. There are usually a few hard-to-reach locations that your each day cleaning can by no means quite attain, whether or not due to loss of time or inadequate system for cleaning.
The fee of an easy kitchen is stated to absolutely everyone who works in hospitality. we are able to also understand that these deeper messes can change into main troubles from a food hygiene perspective except they are often cleaned up. That’s why we recognize you want a deep cleaning expert group. Once you schedule a weekly deep cleaning with a skilled cleaner for your kitchen, you’ll ensure that your kitchen is usually the cleanest it is probably.
Our skilled and skilled cleaners are going to attend to tough cleaning responsibilities like:
1. cleaning the insides of ovens and vents and cooking surfaces
2. power washing flooring, ceilings, and hoods
3. Scrubbing down hard-to-reach areas
4. Ovens (inner and out)
5. Stoves and cooktops
6. refrigerators and freezers
7. containers
8. airflow systems
We take into account that jogging a kitchen can result in many essential tasks filling your agenda.
That’s why our team is operating with you to build a plan that fits your enterprise’s busy schedule. We depart your kitchen as though it were brand new using sturdy materials and tactical techniques. Our crew has almost twenty years of revel in, so we absolutely understand the risks to preserve your premises and customers safe. Smart force Outsourcing system Ltd may be trusted to get the task executed well on every occasion.


Cleaning is the primary activity targeted on all eating places and F&B shops international, consisting of Smart Force Outsourcing System Ltd. Unclean, unhygienic eating places, and food lounges not best eliminate the clients but also pose health risks. The second factor that is vital for restaurants in Smart force Outsourcing System Ltd to maintain after the best of meals is hygiene and cleanliness inside the kitchen.
Sanitation and sanitation are not restricted to table washing or eating place flooring cleaning. The cleanliness of utensils used to cook dinner and serve the meals as well as different cutlery is likewise taken into consideration. Eating places, therefore, want to preserve the kitchen as tidy as feasible.

Keeping Your Kitchen Hygienic

encouraged Frequency of cleansing
• Floor and utensils: after each use
• Ovens: Weekly
• Sinks: between uses, and at numerous points for the duration of the day with common use
• Fridges and Freezers: month-to-month
• Containers: Weekly
• Air Flow System: every 3 months to one year (depending on use)
As those are the best guidelines, there can be times while home equipment or areas need to be wiped clean greater often than the encouraging frequency.

despite the fact that it may now not appear apparent to the bare eye, a kitchen sink might also quickly become a germ hotbed as it’s far constantly uncovered to dust and kitchen waste, so ordinary cleaning helps it vastly.

Dishwashers must hit a temperature of eighty two.2 ranges Celsius to offer comprehensive sanitation. in the dishwasher, continually separate system except you may offer sufficient water. when stacking them inside the dishwasher, it’s additionally an excellent concept to pre-wash plates, cutlery, and related gadgets. It enables to do away with the tougher,’ baked-on’ stains earlier than the dishwasher gets a daily rinse. the other hassle with the last meals on dishes is that this can block your filter out and have a sturdy impact on the overall performance of your dishwasher, often ensuing in’ cloudy’ consequences in your tableware. If after the filter out has been cleaned, your tableware nonetheless comes out of the dishwasher with visible marks and stains, the dishwasher itself may additionally need to be wiped clean.

Hard Surfaces
difficult surfaces are commonplace places for live bacteria and germs. Cracks can accumulate crumbs of food and extra water on any layer, creating a great habitat for bacteria to stay on. person cracks may accumulate food particles and excess moisture inside the same way, so ensuring they’re absolutely dried out before use is critical. Use a deep cleaning spray to smooth your surfaces and permit the floor to dry evidently in the air for a streak-loose finish. You shouldn’t have to dry every difficult surface, however, don’t forget the use of much less of the fabric subsequent time round if you nevertheless experience streaking.

Oven cleaning with the useful resource of powerful industrial cleaning components and some beneficial cleaning hints have to not require pointless physical effort. when your oven begins smoking, it’s far a signal that a good cleansing is needed. Continually use the correct cleaning solution and follow the processes of the enterprise. it’s also critical for this challenge to apply gloves to protect your skin from cleaning chemicals and to observe any protection precautions asset with the aid of your business enterprise and the manufacturer of the oven.

Exhaust Hood
certain factors, inclusive of the exhaust hood in eating place kitchens, can often impact the hygiene of any restaurant in Smart Force Outsourcing System Ltd. The kitchen exhaust hood is the ceiling over the stove which lets the fumes and smoke exhale from the kitchen out in the open, to save you the ones inside the kitchen from suffocating. If the hood isn’t always serviced each month, the factors, such as the gases, contemporary chemical substances, chemical compounds, and microorganisms that could have come from outdoor, may begin to grow internally. When the hood’s mouth is blocked, there’s hardly any space for the gases to escape–this will additionally allow chemical compounds and grease to accumulate. The grease might immediately grow the impact if there may be a small kitchen hearth, particularly if the fireplace reaches the hood.

NEA standards
beginning a new eating place or meals courtroom in Smart Force Outsourcing System Ltd calls for the proprietor to abide by means of the tips of the organization of the countrywide surrounding (NEA) in admire to the sanitation and food fine. One virtually can’t take chances when it comes to the hygiene of ingesting locations. guidelines prescribed with the aid of NEA need to be accompanied by means of F & B stores; non-compliance can result in a ban or closure of the enterprise.
the outlet of a new restaurant or food court docket in Smart Force Outsourcing System Ltd requires the owner to comply with the national environment employer (NEA) tips regarding sanitation and nice of food. you may just take chances on the subject of food hygiene. F&B retailers ought to comply with the rules imposed through NEA; failure to comply can result in a ban or closure of the employer.


Custom Cleaning Solutions

As part of our commercial kitchen cleaning services, we are also all about supplying custom cleansing solutions. We’re ready to provide custom-tailored services that fit your kitchen’s desires, along with cleaning schedules that fit your business visitors, primarily based on your customized cleaning checklists.

We receive that there aren’t any two similar commercial kitchens. You will open your restaurant till overdue at night time, giving your workers little time to easy up.

As a substitute, you could function a hotel kitchen that ends operation early within the nighttime, giving the kitchen workers masses of time to ease up thoroughly. In these cases, for the stubborn messes, you can most effectively need a seasonal deep cleaning.

Others Kitchen services we provide

Dish Washing and Utensil Cleaning Our cleaners provide superior cleansing of utensils and washing of dishes. Our experts will air-contend with all your cleaning offerings, from used plates and different cutlery to utensils used to cook food and serve.

Cleaning of Kitchen Equipment We now not simplest give attention to presenting dish and utensil cleansing however additionally ensure to clean and sanitize your kitchen equipment inclusive of air conditioning fuel burner stoves, grillers, deep fryers, ovens, soup kettles, and another cooking system.
Washing and Mopping of the Premises You shouldn’t air-consider cleansing and mopping your eating place premises with our expert offerings. aircon cleaning wall tiles to sinks, glass and tabletops, food garage spaces, 9 vents, fans, and tubes, we ensure that they comply with NEA requirements.
Trendy home tasks and cleaning Our services also encompass air conditioning preferred housework and cleansing services, together with throwing off the garbage, sweeping up the trash, managing rodents, retaining seating preparations, and ensuring the restaurant’s dining vicinity is spacious and dry.