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Termite Control Service

Termite Control Service

Termite is the most destroying insect inside the world. All of the wood floors aren’t comfy from Termites. A termite team can finish a jungle inside a month. Termites are not so injurious or sicknesses spreader. but Termite has been destroying your treasured wood furnishings, doorways and home windows, Door Frames, Books, valuable files, dress wares and different most precious homes.
Termite likes damp and dusty surface. Termite has a queen which controlling them. A termite queen size would be eight″ to sixteen″ long. a while we referred to as them white ant.
Basically termites remedy some vital job. Pre-creation Termite manage is best for the homes.

Pre-Construction Termite treatment:

Smart Force Outsourcing system Ltd has been supplying 20 (twenty) Years guarantee for Pre construction Termite treatment. Earlier than crusting of Plinth level is the proper time of Pre creation Termite control. If there is mat basis of building then it has to use earlier than Casting of mat binding all floor areas.

Treatment Processes:
Traditional method:
deal with and Trench Soil round outside concrete slab part.
Trench and treat Soil round walls and peelers in the sub floor area.
treatment the Soil along / around the outside perimeter
Digg the dirty floor (0r drill the Concrete floor) along enlargement joint and cracks, and deal with soil there underneath
And Digg patio areas and treat soil region there’s a high risk treatment nest place.

Bait Station methods 1:

Digging Bait Station factors surrounding the property premises.
making use of attractions surrounding the digging hole
putting in bait station tool within the digging hole
maintain Requiem Baits in the bait station upon getting termite infestation within the station
everyday checking and putting baits till fully ruin the termite colony.

Bait Station strategies 2:

locating stay termite channels wherein enough employee termite have
putting in Bait Station tool(s) up at the channels
preserve Requiem Baits in the bait station
regular checking and setting baits until absolutely damage the termite colony



Household Termite Treatment:

Smart Force Outsourcing System Ltd has been supplying 10 Years guarantee for family Termite remedy. Our professional termite manipulate inspection group will locate infested regions. The companies will remedy against termite with the handiest and secure techniques.


Surrounding Digging treatment
Perimeter Drilling treatment
popular insecticides Spraying
Aluminum Phosphyd remedy
Requiem Baite remedy

Termite Control Service